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South African distributor of FXR Racing performance wear and other products for the motorcycling and extreme sports enthusiasts. Xhale Xtreme has extensive knowledge of motorsport needs which it has garnered over years of involvement in the motorsport arena in South Africa and we understand the needs of dirt bike riders and racers. Order from our online shop.

When sourcing our suppliers, we take into consideration the issues most pertinent to riders and racers and strive to deliver products that are aesthetically appealing and comfortable in fit.  We have obtained the distributorship for South Africa of the performance wear brand FXR, a brand well established in USA, Canada and Europe.

We are also proud to be distributors of the exclusive semi-frameless and framed ZITE goggles. A Scandinavian product designed by top level motocross racers with innovate designs ensuring comfort and performance.

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083 233 6670


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