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StravaWars Leaderboards: Blue Loop Kim’s Climb

Join in on the FUN! Get the tracking app Strava and take part in the Wolwekloof Strava WARS! If you are a Strava user you will love Strava Wars! The Wolwekloof Enduro Track team in partnership with EMD Racing have created a Strava Account, and a Wolwekloof Club on Strava. We will regularly be adding loops and also setting segments. These Segments will be used in the Strava Wars Series! A route can contain many segments.  If you do not have strava, install it on your phone! Join the Wolwekloof Club on Strava: https://www.strava.com/clubs/451282 Any rider that has the Strava app running while riding the loops will be recorded, and will be able to compare their times with other riders. More information: https://wolwekloofenduro.wordpress.com/stravawars/ More Blue Loop Sections: https://www.strava.com/clubs/451282/posts/2197125 


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Wolwekloof Blue Loop: Kim’s Climb
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