What is a Funduro?

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What is Funduro?

Funduro is a combination of the words Fun-and-Enduro which means that funduro is a type of enduro event but just for fun (shorter distances, no race times, no prices, no winners). Funduro events are usually organised with the purpose of raising money for a cause.


In-case you didn’t know… Fun is the enjoyment of pleasure, especially in some sort of leisure activity. Fun is an experience, often unexpected, informal or purposeless. It is an enjoyable distraction, diverting the mind and body from any serious task or contributing an extra dimension to it.


An enduro event is a long-distance race that stresses endurance rather than speed. Enduro derives its name from “endurance” because of the long and difficult races on varying types of terrain. Enduro races usually involves riding on a path or track that is not easily passed.  There may be creeks, rocks, mountains to climb, or other obstacles along the way. It’s incredible what a skilled enduro dirt bike rider can do off-road.

Trail Riding: Longer distances, and taking dirt bikes over extremely challenging obstacles such as large tree trunks, giant rocks, or other obstacles.  It is not about getting from point a to b, it’s about getting through the obstacles.

Hard Enduro: Mixture between enduro riding and trails dirt biking. The words “hard enduro” or “extreme enduro” are being used for races that some would simply consider “trials.” (Roof of Africa Hard Enduro)

Funduro Dirt Bikes

Enduro bikes closely resemble motocross bikes but with special features such as oversized gas tanks, engines tuned for longevity, sump protectors, and more durable components. The engine of an enduro dirt bike is usually a 2-stroke (125 to 360 cc) or 4-stroke (195 to 650 cc). Enduro bikes are heavier than motocross bikes but both bikes can be used to participate in a funduro.

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