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Q&A for your first Tankwa Cross Country Rally

Q&A for your first Tankwa Cross Country Rally. The Tankwa Cross Country Rally is a navigational race for off-road, enduro bikes, rally bikes or quad bikes which takes place in one of South Africa’s harshest environments testing both man and machine. This 3-day race provides adventure for competitors, service crews and spectators. Tankwa Rally Objective: Rally Bikes navigation be means of Rally Book. Dirt bikes / quad bikes navigation by means of GPS. To test Navigation skills. To test competitor all round skills and endurance. Ability to read the terrain. For both man and machine to finish. We asked Clive Crouse from the Western Cape Off-road Club a couple of questions that might help riders who haven’t done the event, but would like to. This is what he had to say…

Questions and Answers

Who can Ride? We are MSA affiliated there a minimum of a one event or club license. Competitors we have had to have some race experience or raced before (Off-road, Enduro or Rally) or convince the committee they are capable & have the endurance. Min age is the year in which a competitor turns 16 , both male & female. Off-road / Enduro bike Classes (fuel taking out by club to refuels). Rally bike classes.

Do we need our own backup vehicle? Not Compulsory – optional.

PACKING What to bring? (to carry on you) Standard MSA Scrutineering guide line, Hydration pack, medical kit, riders safety equipment (helmut, boots etc…). What to bring? (to ride with the Back-up vehicle) Basic spares, some energy supplements/food/ spare gloves, etc ACCOMMODATION Please list the accommodation for each night? All at one central Race Headquarter. Camping with flush toilets + hot showers +- R150/night Option of pre-booked dome tents each with two camp mattresses @ +- R230 per night each or bring your own camping equipment. Good Catering and pre-booked meals available – details to follow.

May our family and kids / backup driver also stay at these places? We want this to be a Tankwa experience for the crews & family with numerous spectator / service points (already popular).

Which meals are included in the package? As above most people buy all their meals at the event (preferably pre-arranged – great catering by the community).

THE RIDE From where to where is the ride? All routes start and end at Race HQ – Rooiputs The number of km for each day? Off-Road / Enduro bikes / Quad bikes: Day 1 – 150km Day 2 – 400 / 450km Day 3 – 150km Total +-750km Rally bikes: Day 1 Liaisons 300km + Special 250km Day 2 – 400 / 450km Total +- 1000km Will there be designated stops? TBA – mostly not – competitors can stop at their own wish at refuels but time bars will apply. What level rider may enter? Aimed at Club, Regional and National riders who can complete at least 3+ hour club races What kind of obstacles can we expect? Tankwa is quite open however varies a lot with many technical sections, rocks and ALWAYS CHANGING. What happens if the bike breaks down? It needs to be recovered by sweepers to nearest refuel – refuels are -+ 70km apart. If they can repair for next day they can continue with a penalty. What happens if the rider gets hurt and cannot continue? If injured that they cannot continue – the will be recovered by the medical teams for assessment. Tankwa is a unique experience for everyone! Click here for the original forum with q and a’s: http://www.wilddog.za.net/forum/index.php?topic=220947.0
Contact Details for Tankwa Rally:
Website: http://www.westerncapeoffroad.co.za/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/westerncape.offroad https://www.facebook.com/WCOCRacing/ Email: info@westerncapeoffroad.co.za Tel: 011 979 0053 011 979 5035


Headquarters Rooiputs, South Africa
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