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Q&A for your first Sea to Ski

Sea to Ski is an epic motorcycle enduro event that takes place annually in October. The ride is organised by Red Cherry Adventures and takes place between the sea of the Wild Coast and Tiffindell Ski Resort in the Southern Drakensberg. It is a team event made up of 2 riders and a back up driver. This 3-day ride exposes the riding teams to some of the most amazing enduro riding in the world as they navigate their way via GPS across 2 escarpments, flowing tribal land and countless private farms.

We asked Leilani from Red Cherry Adventures a couple of questions that might help riders who haven’t done the event, but would like to.

This is what she had to say…

Questions and Answers

Do we need our own backup vehicle or will there be a truck for our bags and fuel?
Teams are made up of 2 riders and a back-up driver – all your additional equipment is kept in your back-up vehicle which your driver moves from stop to stop.

All detailed here


Please list the accommodation for each night?
Night 1 –  Mazeppa Bay Hotel – teams share rooms
Night 2 – tented village in Clarkebury – 3 man tents
Night 3 – Hostel & Tents at Maclear High School – 30 hostel beds allocated to first entrants, balance get tents
Night 4 – Tiffindell Ski Resort – teams share cabins

May our family and kids / backup driver also stay at these places?
The tour is NOT suitable for family and kids, but your back-up driver is part of your team, so he / she stays with you. 

Which meals are included in the package?
All meals – breakfast, lunch and supper.


The number of km for each day?
Averages 130km.

Will there be designated stops?
Yes, lunch stops & splash ‘n dash points each day

What level rider may enter?
The Mild route is suitable for the novice and intermediate.
The Wild route is equivalent to Roof Bronze (advanced).

Novice: comfortable operating throttle, clutch and brake controls, does not stall or over-revving while using the clutch.
Intermediate: Comfortable on tight single-track, trails which includes fairly sharp ascents and descents, often with rock, water, loose stone and/or roots present. Not intimidated by different soil conditions and obstacles. Not intimidated by steep uphills and downhills or off-camber slopes and hills. 
Advanced: Easily rides different soil conditions and obstacles, steep uphills / downhills or off-camber slopes and hills. You can manage consecutive long and technical off-road stages, you have already participated in off-road tours of at least two days. You regularly ride on the toughest off-road segments even in hot weather conditions. You are in a particularly good physical condition and have a good level of endurance, and enjoy extreme challenges. 

What ages may enter?
18 years and older, unless they have a enduro history.

What kind of obstacles can we expect?
Natural terrain – rocks, hills, sand, etc.

What happens if the bike breaks down?
There are sweeps as well as recovery, and you’ll get mechanical assistance at each overnight stop.

What happens if the rider gets hurt and cannot continue?
We have medics in the bunch, and a helicopter on standby.

Contact Details for Sea to Ski:




041 581 5335

Night 1

Mazeppa Bay Hotel 

Night 2

Clarkebury Tented Camps

Night 3

Hostel & Tents at Maclear High School


Tiffindell Ski Resort

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Sea to Ski

Sea to Ski

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