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Must-have riding gear for dirt riders

Before heading off to ride your dirt bike, you should at least have the following items to protect yourself from a fall, because we all know, falls happen. So, if you just got a dirt bike and don’t know what gear you need to wear, we’ve come up with a list of the gear we think you should have. (or are you looking to buy the rider in your family gift, but don’t know what to get?)

Motocross Helmet

A helmet is the MOST important accessory to wear. There are different kinds of motorcycle helmets, some for street riding, and some for dirt riding. The dirt bike helmets have a visor on them to protect against flying debree. Motocross helmets also feature a wider eye port for the use of goggles, and a vented mouth piece for more air flow. Most dirt bike helmets also have removable liner and cheek pads so you can wash the dirt and sweat away after a long day of riding. You might want to spend most of your budget on the helmet, to protect the most valuable part of your body.

Neck Braces

Motocross neck braces are designed to combat neck injury, which is something that tends to happen when you ride a motorcycle on dirt. They work by displacing load that would typically be forced onto your neck, out to other parts of the body, like the collar bone, chest, and shoulders. It’s best to get all the protection you can get!


Motocross boots are an essential piece for riding dirt bike. Boots protect your foot, ankle, and shins from injury. High end boots also feature built-in metal plates to prevent the boot from flexing in a crash.

Chest Protectors

Chest protectors offer protection for your chest, stomach and shoulders from roost and rocks when riding and when crashing. Some chest protectors also have a back pad that protects your spine. Chest protectors block tree branches and other debris while out riding on the trails and in the event you hit the ground, chest protectors are really good at saving your body to an extent from bumps, bruises, and scratches.


Keep rocks, bugs, dust, roost, dirt, and other debris out of your eyes and face with a pair of motocross goggles. There are many different variations of goggles, some are made for warm weather and maximum ventilation, while others are made for cold weather.


Motocross gloves provide protection while riding and crashing. Dirt bike gloves are covered in TPR rubber adding a barrier between the top of your hand and outside elements. Be sure the entire palm fits tight, or else you may be left with blisters after riding.

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