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Get ready for another exhilarating year of off-road motorcycle enduros as Iron Horse Productions presents the IRON HORSE FUNDURO SERIES 2023. After the success of its inaugural year, this series is back for more action-packed events that cater to riders of all skill levels and experience. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner looking for an exciting challenge, the IRON HORSE FUNDURO SERIES has something in store for everyone.

Events Overview:

  • Year: 2023 marks the second year of the IRON HORSE FUNDURO SERIES.
  • Variety of Distances: Each event in the series offers various distances, ensuring that riders can choose the level of challenge that suits their skill and experience.
  • Great Venues: The series will take place at fantastic venues throughout the province, promising diverse and captivating terrains for riders to explore.

Event Dates:

Mark your calendars for these exciting dates in 2023:

  1. Raley Rodeo – October 28, 2023: The first event of the series promises a thrilling start to the season.
  2. Funday – November 4, 2023: Get ready for a fun-filled day of enduro riding and adventure.
  3. Ashberg Epic – December 9, 2023: The series culminates in the Ashberg Epic, a challenging and memorable experience.

For More Information: To learn more about the IRON HORSE FUNDURO SERIES 2023, including event details, registration, and venues, visit Iron Horse Events. This website is your gateway to all the information you need to participate in these thrilling enduro events.

Iron Horse

The IRON HORSE FUNDURO SERIES 2023 is not just about racing; it’s about the camaraderie among riders, the thrill of conquering challenging terrains, and the sheer joy of off-road adventure. Whether you’re looking to compete or simply enjoy a day of riding, don’t miss this opportunity to be part of one of South Africa’s premier enduro series. Get your gear ready, rev up your engines, and join the action in 2023!