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The De Wildt open trails are situated in the North of Pretoria bordering Gauteng and the North West province. It offers kilometers and kilometers of open trails through farmland, rocks, rivers and rugged bush.  The De Wildt open trails encompass a wide variety of terrains and cater for more advanced riders. Riders usually find a safe place to park at Maroela Sun or the old Police station on Rosslyn Road. This is not a trail park with entrance fees. This is open trail.

Open Trail Riding

Open trail riding offers some serious fun (especially at DeWildt), but preparation is the first rule of thumb and everything you need has to go with you. Always bring a first aid kit for you and for your bike. You can’t ride without proper fuel and maintenance and neither can your bike. The next time you plan a day on the trail with your buddies consider the following as a checklist to bring all you need for a great day of fun:

(1) Socket and Allen Wrench Sets. (2) Screwdriver. (3) Flat Tire Repair Kit. (4) Tire Irons. (5) Spare Spark Plug. (6) Petrol. (7) First Aid Kit. (8) Food. (9) Water… The last thing you want is for dehydration to set in 50km into the ride. Consider trying a hydration pack. They ride like a backpack but you’ll never know it’s there… And you can take a sip whenever you want.

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De Wildt Open Trails
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