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Atlantis Dunes is a premier destination for off-road dirt bike riding and 4×4 driving. Atlantis Dunes Off Road Executive was formed in 2011 and it’s mandate is to ensure sustainable off-road recreational driving in the area know as Atlantis Dunes. Please remember that the continued use of this area is a privilege and all users need to abide by the rules. When you use the area you are entering a protected area.

The land owner is The City of Cape Town.  Atlantis Dunes is a protected area known as The Witzands Aquifer Nature Reserve. You can contact ADORE should you have any feedback regarding the area, specifically the activity of off road driving or if you want to keep up to date and want to be added to our mailing lists.

PERMITS are available from the COCT offices in Atlantis.

The new permit office is located in the new environmental management departments biodiversity office complex that has recently been completed and launched on the 16 August 2018. The management haven’t moved in yet but will be relocating from their current offices location very soon. The reason for the delay is due to cabling (mainly internet) that has not been installed yet.

Atlantis Municipality 
021 573 7137

Whale Street
021 487 22587


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Atlantis Dunes forms part of a proclaimed reserve, the Witzands Aquifer Nature Reserve, so normal nature reserve rules apply. The filming / photography clause refers to professional film shoots, not amateurs. The pets rule is obvious – there are steenbok, grysbok, caracal, mole rats, mongoose and other mammal species in the reserve. As for fires, there is no reserve in the Western Cape where fires are allowed other than in designated spots. AFAIK there are no designated spots in Witzands because it is a high risk fire area. Nothing Draconian about the rules that I can see, just the normal things that apply universally.
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Video Youtube Channel: Victor Van den berg

Video Youtube Channel: Marco Mendes

Atlantis Dunes Permit Office

Atlantis Dunes Entrance

Entrance and NEW permit station.

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